Sunday, May 29, 2011


It was my 21st birthday on Friday!!!
I had such a good day. I had to work during the day but it was alright cause it was just handing out chocolates in the city and I spent most of the day looking around the shops. I had starbucks in the morning <3 and then after I finished work I got a new pair of shoes which you can see in the pictures. My shoe wardrobe contains way too much black so I was really happy when I found these beige wedges and I love how they are leather at the back and suede at the front. That night my boyfriend Chris told me he was taking me out to dinner but when I got there all of my good friends were there (except for two who were at work =[ ) which was an awesome suprise because I've never had a suprise party or anything before. We had asian food for dinner and Chris bought lots of wine and we drank Moet and sung karaoke. Such a good night. My friends got me the most amazing Mimco statement necklace (which you can see in the photos at the restaurant) I took the leather fringe necklace that I was originally wearing off and put the Mimco one on for the rest of the night. Then the next night I went out to dinner with my Dad, Stepmum and younger brother at this cool restaurant/wine bar called Jeremy's and the food and wine were amazing. They got me a Calvin Klein fragrance and Tiffany and Co. silver earrings and necklace. My mum and my other brother are away in England but my mum will be getting me a dress for my party which I will be having in July, and she also gave me some Mimco earrings before she left (which I also wore out to dinner on Friday - pictured below). Such a good birthday, I have the most amazing friends and family, I am so grateful.

p.s. sorry for the massive amount of text.


  1. Great outfit!! Happy 21st! Looks like you had fun :)

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  2. You're beautiful!And your shoes are fantastic!:)