Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wizard of Auz

Obession with gemstones and rough cut crystals as it is, I had to stop at the Crystal Warehouse while I was down in Byron. There is a place called Crystal Castle which is more famous, but overpriced and touristy, whereas this is more of a wholesaler of every kind of crystal, gem and stone you can imagine. Everything from rough cut crystals, quartz caves, diamond drusy, rainbow rocks, healing crystals and awesome polished up smooth figurines of skulls, obelisks, pyramids, deer, rabbits, tigers, buddhas, spheres, oh and let's not forget the jewellery. Below are some pictures of the treasures, and the last two are what Chris bought me, a lapis lazuli bracelet, turqouise bracelet and a tiger's eye love heart. 

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