Sunday, January 9, 2011

Latest Obsession: Egypt

So I'm on uni holidays and have way too much time on my hands. Lately I have been looking at everything Egyptian. 

I found these awesome jewellery boxes on ebay:

They even have canopic jars! - These were used to store various internal organs during the mummification process.

I want to dress like this:

The headresses, caftans, sandals and of course, jewellery - jewelled collars, earrings, anklets, bracelets, rings. Even the poor would try to wear as much jewellery as possible, usually wearing brightly coloured pottery jewellery.


I love pyramids. I want to live in one, or decorate my house with Egyptian artefacts.
Pyramid artwork:

Alternatively, when I die I would like it to be a big deal, like the Pharaohs in Egypt, and have a tomb dedicated to me, like this one in New Orleans:

An Egyptian coffin:

Egyptain Gods:

Sun- Ra: head of falcon and sun disk
Music- Hathor: horns of cow and sun disk
Destruction- Sekhmet: head of lion
Sky - Nut: blue with golden stars
Earth - Geb: colour of plants and Nile mud
Dead - Osiris: dressed in white with crook and flail
Desert - Seth: animal head with long curved snout
Pharoah - Horus: head of hawk and crown of Egypt
Magic - Isis: throne on head or holding baby
Wisdom - Thoth: head of ibis
Embalming - Anubis: head of jackal
Justice - Ma'at: feather in her hair
Creation - Amun: crowned with feathers
Cats - Bastet: head of cat



  1. big mystery around that culture...

  2. Yeah its a really interesting culture

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